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Power Up With A Tech You Can Understand

When dealing with Computer Techs, it can be hard at times. Long wait times, not being able to understand or hear the person on the other end makes it very frustrating. Well, The Computer Guy is here to help you with your computer needs, and most can be done remotely.

With our remote service and our knowledgeable staff we can help you with any of your computer issues. This includes things like speeding up your computer, basic cleanups, updates and/or virus removal. We have the experience, time and patience to help you out.

We are offering two different services for remotes:

  • Remote Service (one-time check)
  • Remote Maintenance (Monthly Checkups)

The Remote Service is for those who wish to get their computer taken care of once, or once in a while, but do not wish to bring the computer to us or have us come out to the home. This is a simple process and the cost is generally minimal.

The Remote Maintenance is a program that allows The Computer Guy, to remote into your machine once a month on a preset date sometime after 9pm to do a checkup on your computer(s). This check up includes things like

  • Security checks and scans
  • Backup checks (if external device is present)
  • Disk cleanups, checks, scans
  • Major program updates and security checks

How the process works:

  1. Install TeamVewer – You can do this by yourself or with the help of The Computer Guy. If you have questions, please give us a call at:  414.304.5334
  2. We will need the 9 digit number and password you chose during the install process.
  3. Setup a time. We do our remotes in the evening hours, sometime AFTER 9pm on the same date every month unless otherwise communicated either by you to us or us to you.

Need Help?!?!?!?

With the help of the below program (TeamViewer) The Computer Guy can help you out of just any problem in just a couple of easy steps.

  1. Download the program TeamViewer by clicking on the blue box
  2. Install TeamViewer
  3. Call The Computer Guy, LLC (414)-304-5334
  4. Give the technician your ID number and Password

We will take care of it from there. No Scams, No Hassels – And someone you can understand!


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